Iterative Blog Development

Originally I wanted my next blog post to continue the previous one about testing Java with Groovy and Spock, but since I’m currently enrolled in the free blogging course by Simple Programmer founder John Sonmez, I felt obligated to follow the call of duty in my current homework assignment and write some words about the aforementioned course (and receive a free backlink in return, yay!)

I’m a big advocate of agile software development methodologies (please take note of the correct usage of the word agile, Dave Thomas would be proud) and some of my favourite concepts are short development cycles and frequent releases. It’s kind of funny that John gives some similar advice in this course regarding blogging, like a constant (and frequent) blogging interval – and to be totally honest, this constant interval, to which I have committed myself to, is the only reason I’m currently writing this blog post, although I’m really tired from participating at today’s Magic: The Gathering Pre-Release-Event of Shadows Over Innistrad. Failing my first release date wasn’t how I wanted to start my blogging career and so I had to pull myself together, open my text editor (GitHub’s Atom editor with markdown syntax highlight – that’s what I call a clutter free writing experience!) and get started on writing.

This course (combined with John’s book Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual) helped me kickstart my blog as well as provided me with the framework to deliver one blog post every week. So far, I’d call this a quite positive course outcome and if everything goes according to plan, the next blog post should be released in one week 😉

  • David Bothe

    You may not have failed your first release date, but we definetly failed today’s Magic: The Gathering Pre-Release-Event 🙂 – Would team up again!